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Modern non-surgical hair replacement is designed to be comfortable, discreet and far easier to manage, offering many advantages over the surgical alternative.

This innovative hair replacement treatment works by applying a lightweight, transparent and breathable membrane to the scalp. The membrane is then infused with human hair and attached to the scalp where it is woven in with the existing hair, creating a completely natural look.

If you are considering hair replacement options, here we look at some of the key reasons that our patients choose to have non-surgical treatment.


Advanced technology allows non-surgical hair replacement to be performed to a high level of accuracy, tailored to the preferences of the patient. This means that all elements of appearance, such as colour matching, density and direction of growth will appear as natural as possible.

Painless treatment

Non-surgical hair replacement is performed with no painful or intrusive methods, meaning it is far more comfortable than alternative restoration and transplant procedures that require injections and even the removal of skin from the scalp.

Fast results

The results of non-surgical hair replacement become evident immediately as the natural and artificial hair is instantly woven together creating fuller and natural looking hair. This will remain consistent with the natural growth of your hair as time passes.  

Less risk

Unlike surgical hair replacement techniques, non-surgical treatments can be reversed if the patient changes their mind or is unsure about the results. This means there is no risk of being left with a permanent hair replacement solution that cannot be easily changed.

Lower cost

Non-surgical hair replacement delivers fantastic results at a far lower cost than that associated with a surgical alternative. This makes it a far more popular option for those seeking hair replacement treatment that is safe, painless and effective but is not overly expensive.

Find out more

At Sofia’s Crown we use enhanced hair replacement systems that enable us to create personalised solutions for our patients that are matched with the individuals own hair.

To find out about more about our range of services and how we can help to restore your confidence, please call our friendly team today on 0207 706 2586.