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Customised hair systems

Though stock hair systems can provide an inexpensive way to solve hair loss problems, these mass produced, off-the-shelf systems are only made up for the most common colour graduations and hair loss sizes and thus will not be suitable in many cases. At Sofia's Crown we provide fully customised hair replacement systems which are tailored to the individual's specific size and pattern of hair loss. By matching the colours exactly and ensuring an organic graduation into your own natural growing hair we can achieve that undetectable look that will give you the security to wear your hair system as confidently as if it were your own hair. Please contact us today on 0207 706 2586 to find out more about our customised hair systems.

Duplicate hair systems

If you already wear a hair system and it fits you well you can send it in to us and we can duplicate it exactly or make any changes you may need. Sending in your spare hair for duplication is the quickest and easiest way to get started so please do contact us today to find out more.

Hair Replacement Attachments

At Sofia's Crown we can attach your hair replacements so that they are comfortable, secure and discreet. There are three popular methods for attaching hair replacements - clips, glue or tape. Glue, or bonding adhesive, and tape are used by the vast majority of hair wearers because they offer more security and help the wearer to achieve a more natural appearance. A hair system attachment can last up to 4 weeks using stronger glues or tape with more tack. However, many people prefer to use a daily wear bond so they can take their system off every night or after a few days of wear. If you are unsure about how best to secure your hair attachments please do contact us today on 0207 706 2586 when we will be happy to advise you on your options.