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Suffering from hair loss for 20 years I had reached a point where I began to break down and had lost all of my self confidence. Talking to Sofia gave me the encouragement and support to come and see her without any pressure.

I could not believe how natural, realistic and secure the hair system was or that there was no way of detecting that I was not wearing the head of hair I was born with.

Thank you Sofia with all of my heart for all of your loveliness.

Sofia came to me like an angel - I don't know what I would have done without her. Today I am getting on with my life and I don't even know I am wearing a hair system. My confidence, image and future plans have all changed. Today I am able to enjoy all the things every female enjoys, like wearing pretty hair clips and trying different hair styles.

The cubicles are so discreet and Sofia is amazing in understanding how you are feeling. If it wasn't for her care, support and discretion I wouldn't have stepped through her front door last year. My only regret is that I wish I had visited her many years ago.

I have always had fine hair and not very much of it, like my mum. When I got to my teens we went along to hair clinics together looking for a solution to make our hair thicker. My mum decided to purchase a wig in her late fifties as her hair had thinned out even more. Wigs 35 years ago were very heavy, uncomfortable and looked so fake that I decided I would never wear one myself.

In January 2011 I noticed more of my hair falling out and it was soon confirmed that I had Alopecia Totalis. The shock of losing my hair and the slow NHS system would have left me in a complete panic if it wasn’t for the personal support of Sophie and Lisa at Sofia's Crown.

I met Sophie in March. She had a temporary wig made for me within in week and when it arrived looking so natural and a perfect frame for my face, I trusted the process and my self esteem magically appeared from nowhere. Her years of experience really had shown through, when she helped me make decisions about my hair colour, its thickness, length and style. We even talked about my feelings, my expectations and living with hair loss. I was even more delighted when my permanent wig arrived a few weeks later. The lace front wig I chose is feather light to wear, naturally shaped and easy to look after. Wearing it 24/7 for days at a time allows me to feel normal.

I am walking around with a better head of hair than I ever would have imagined. My children, family and friends say I look great with my new look and my confidence has increased considerably. Being able to live a normal life and forget I have Alopecia most the time is like a gift from heaven.

A great big thank you to Sophie and Lisa for giving me my life back. All the time they took listening, helping and advising me, even at times when I was over emotional about it all. The customer support is second to none. You are greatly appreciated.



Several years back I had a severe hair loss problem. I was then wondering which option was the best to solve this problem. Looking through the newspapers, I saw an advertisement of Sofia's Crown. I visited them and was introduced to Sofia. She was extremely helpful with good advice. I chose to have a hair piece. It was prepared in a short time. It was exactly according to specification and to my total satisfaction. I am still wearing it. It is comfortable and so light that I don't feel I am wearing it. The best thing is it is absolutely not detectable. Anyone seeing me would think it is my own hair


Sofia's Crown are excellent at their service. They are the best. I have the greatest regards for Sofia who is brilliant and an expert in this field. She is very polite and a nice person. Lisa who works there is also a very kind person.


Finally, if anyone has a minor or severe hair loss problem then I would definitely recommend Sofia's Crown. They have helped me regain my cofidence and live a normal life. An enormous thank you to all at Sofia's Crown