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Senator Crown is located directly across from McDonalds and opposite Paddington Tube Station - providing excellent transport links.

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Paddington or Edgeware Road, Hammersmith & City Line, Bakerloo Line and Circle Line



We have recently introduced a range of Senator Crown products that have been developed specifically for use with hair replacement systems. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of these products or would like to find out more please contact us on 0207 706 2586.

3 yards-
12 yards-
  1"x 12-
1"x 36 Yard-
Walker No-Shine Tapes are beloved by the hair-wearing because they provide a tremendous extended wear bonding tape with a strong hold and a reduced shine (dull finish) that is hypoallergenic & waterproof. Typically provides a 3 week hold.

A perfect choice for attaching lace bases and even thin skin bases. Consider as an alternative means to attaching thin skin fronts, but you need to be careful when removing the tape from the skin.
  This is a very popular tape and is used mainly for daily wear. It is also used as a base liner for bonding with liquid adhesive - used in the first phase of the bonding process it is followed by bonding glue. It can also be used with other tapes for a higher tack for semi extended wear. Gentle on the skin, but effective! Use of Red-e Tape should not irritate the skin. Tested safe for dermal application, Red-e Tape should provide a 6-8 day wear during the cooler months of the year.
36 strips per pack £6.50     £10
Tape is a dual purpose double-sided lamination of contoured frontal adhesive tape that optimizes extended wear. Can be used on poly liner on hair systems as well as on lace units.   Cloth hairpiece tape has about the same amount of tack as white clear-liner tape and will often times leave fewer residues after you take your system off. However, because it isn’t transparent, most people only use cloth tape if they have dense hair or wear a thick base system.
15 yards-
  36 strips per pack £6.50
Ideal for daily wear hair systems. It has the less tack than all other hairpiece tapes, but it's still very secure and ideal for daily wear.   Those who have sensitive skin. This daily wear tape "breathes," so more air gets to your scalp. Leaves skin feeling comfortable
36 strips per pack £6.50   118 ml-
236 ml-
It's incredible hold time and easy clean up, it's turning out to be everyone's favorite. It's designed for lace hairpieces and is used for extended wear hair system bonding.   EZ-OFF Adhesive Remover is a must try! Gentle, but effective, it removes unwanted adhesive build-up without damaging fragile hair piece materials or skin. "Easy-pour" flip top allows precise pouring controls. PURE has a light must aroma that is pleasing and light.
Extension Clips £1.00 each     £10
    A silicon-based, freon-free, medical-grade adhesive that provides a 2 to 10 day hold. It is applied directly on the skin for use on full or front lace systems. Can be applied directly to the scalp for partial, perimeter, or full head bonding. It remains flexible with excellent holding power to skin and all hair systems. Product is easy to clean-up using any hair and skin solvent. Can also be used with hairpiece tape for easier clean-up. Wait for adhesive to become tacky before placing unit on your head.
  £10.00   36 strips per pack £7.00
Improves adhesion for: hot & humid weather, oily skin, sports, swimming. Prevents irritation from tape & adhesives.

Clean skin where tape is to be applied with rubbing alcohol. Apply SCALP PROTECTOR and let dry until it is NOT tacky to touch. Do not apply to severely irritated skin. This product is not meant to replace tape or liquid adhesive.
  A clear, double-sided, aggressive adhesive tape with a NEW WHITE-tinted liner. This tape has a matte-finish on both sides for a virtually indetectable appearance.
Holds 4-6 weeks £28.00   Holds 3-4 weeks £1.50 per strip
NOTAPE silicone bonding adhesive is a medical grade contact adhesive which has been tested and proven fit for use on the skin. NOTAPE is the most reliable and effective adhesive sold today.   Air-Flex tape provides a strong, long-lasting, skin-safe hold. This Tape was designed to minimise shine, breaking down and running. The tape has vent-holes through the adhesive to allow the skin to "breathe" without compromising the quality or duration of the holding time. Transparent and double sided tape for lace and skin system.
3 yards- £10.00      
Lace Release reduces the chance of damaging lace or mesh frontals by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair system. Used properly, most of the adhesive residue will remain on your scalp, not on the hair system. Lace Release is non-oily!    


  £4.50     £4.50
  £9.00     £4.50
This adhesive can easily provide up to 4 weeks of super-strengh attachment. Ultra Hold isn't only the name, BUT also a great description of what you'll get! Soft bond Acrylic adhesive that provides up to 4 week hold (varies from person to person). Optically clear, non-yellowing formula of which is very popular in the medical industry.

For use with the following: Full Lace Wig, Lace Frontals, Front Lace Wig, Toupee, Hair Systems, Hair replacement units, Virtual Hairline System and Invisible Hairline System.

Will not harm wig caps made with Swiss Lace nor French Lace.

Directions: Since the fluid is thicker than most, we highly recommend using only a single, thin layer. Let dry for about 20 minutes before adhering system.


  £5.50     £5.50
Suitable for sleeking & creating shape, this formula leaves the hair shiny & manageable without residue or build-up.   Extra strong gel gives extra hold without build-up. Accentuates shape & volume whilst leaving the hair shiny & manageable.
  £6.50     £6.50
This unique powerful serum revives damaged hair in seconds. Smoothes spilt ends without weighing down hair leaving ultimate shine & a mirror-like finish.   Creates hold without build-up & maintains the hair's natural elasticity.
  £5.50   250 ml £7.50
Tailored to provide high gloss finish without greasiness. Advanced silicones capture the light & increase depth of gloss for a healthy shine.   This deep cleansing shampoo is enriched with Panthenol to help improve hair elasticity and condition.

Please contact us on 0207 706 2586 to place an order for any of the items shown above.